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Promotions for hoteliers

Terms and conditions

1. General terms and definitions

Terms and conditions in this document apply to all users of this web site (hereinafter "site"). User is anyone who somehow addressed, accessed, viewed site or use its services, whether or not registered there. By accessing and using this site, you acknowledge that you are familiar with and have accepted the terms and conditions set out in this document. The BookingAround site is represented by Atanas Bogdanov and is protected by intellectual property and copyright laws. You may use the site, its content and services under the conditions set forth herein. You cannot use the site without written permission from its representative, for commercial, competitive or for purposes other than the use of its services.

2. Services provided

The site provides an opportunity for owners, managers and their representatives of any kind of accommodation properties (summarized "hotel") to advertise their properties and receive online reservations or inquiries for reservations. The site offers a choice between two options for advertising а hotel: for a commission of 10% or for an annual fee of 30 euros. In the case of commission, its amount is determined at the beginning of the month - following the month of the successfully completed reservations in the previous month as a percentage of their total amount. In case of an annual fee, the hotel's web page on the site allows publication of information for direct contact with it: phone, email, web address. The amount of the fee in this case is fixed and does not depend on the number of reservations received through the site. The amount of the commission or the annual fee can be significantly reduced if the hotel meets any of the conditions set out in our promotions.
For travellers, who are looking for accommodation property for their vacation or trip, the site provides an advanced searching engine that allows selecting a location, property type, category and a set of features and services offered by. It provides information about the hotel (published by the hotel), and allows for making instant, online reservation or request for reservation, according to hotel policy. All this without any financial obligations to the site.

3. Rights, responsibilities and obligations

3.1. Site

We are committed to providing safe and reliable services that guarantee preserving the confidentiality of personal data and the integrity of the information. Being an intermediary in relations between the traveller and the hotel, we cannot be held responsible for content published by the hotel or for traveller made reservation or inquiry. We are not responsible for direct correspondence and its content between them. However, we control every registration and publication, striving not to allow false or contradictory content or such that does not meet the good manners and mores.
The site may make changes in the size of pictures uploaded by the hotel with the aim of better visualization and structuring, and may put its name as a watermark on the photos - to limit and prevent their spread outside the site. The site may also, in agreement with the hotel, modify or supplement published text content, in different languages, in order to improve the presentation of the hotel.
If a user fails to comply with these policies, the site has the right to restrict the user's access; if the user is registered, the site may prohibit the use of its profile; if the user has published an accommodation property, the site may disallow the property to be displayed.

3.2. Hotel, hotelier

In order to publish accommodation properties in the site you must be registered with it. Registration is free. You can post unlimited number of accommodations for free. You alone are responsible for the origin, authorship, authenticity, security and completeness of the information published, including pictures. If you choose the ad mode against commission, you may not post, on the page of the property, any contact information like phone number, email or web address, etc., should one be found, the site has the right to remove it. You can change the ad mode of a property from a commission to a fee or vice versa at any time. If you paid an annual advertising fee, but change the mode, the fee is not returned. Upon returning to a fee mode within the same year, however, no new fee is due. Prices that you post are final for travellers and include all taxes and fees. If you choose the hotel to receive instant bookings, for which feature there is no additional charge, you are obliged to fill, track correctness and periodically update the number of available rooms. With every instant reservation made by the traveller, the site automatically reduces this number. Whether an instant booking was made, or a request for reservation was accepted by the hotel, the latter, respectively you are obliged to provide the traveller the desired and reserved by him service, with the same or better quality and quantity from the declared by the hotel. You are obliged to ensure the safety of the supplied traveller data and not provide them to third parties without their express consent.

Conditions for the lowest price

If all the prices that you post are the lowest for your hotel on the Internet, the commission or annual fee for it will be reduced by 50%. If lower prices are found for the same hotel in another web site, traveller will be entitled to a discount on booking for the difference to the lower price. In this case, the due commission will be calculated on the basis of the price published on the Site.

3.3. Traveller

Site services are completely free for you whether you are registered in it or not. The registration with the site allows you to view, edit or cancel your bookings and inquiries for reservations from one place. By making a reservation, or submitting a request for such, you enter into a mutually binding contract with the hotel, respectively hotelier. With this action you agree to give them your personal data required for reservation and declare that you are aware of and accept the terms of the hotel about booking, payment, accommodation, stay and cancellation conditions. You pay for the booking directly to the hotel, after the reservation was automatically or explicitly confirmed, by bank transfer, on place, or as agreed with the hotel.

4. Stored data

4.1. Personal data

4.1.1. Introduction

BookingAround is an administrator of personal data pursuant to Regulation (EC) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

4.1.2. Personal data, persons for whom they are collected, method of collection, processing targets and deadlines for storage. A user on the site using the contact form provides his or her first and last name, as well as an email address. By sending the data through the form, the user agrees those data to be processed and stored by the site and used by us in the correspondence with the user. In case of an inquiry for reservation, the site may provide the data to third parties - hoteliers - for the purpose of making the booking. A site user who contacts us by phone provides his / her name as well as his / her phone number. If desired, the user may provide the site with an email address and / or other personal data. By calling the site, the user agrees that the data provided by the user will be processed and stored by the site and used by us for feedback. In the event of an inquiry for reservation, the site may provide the data to third parties - hoteliers - for the purpose of making the booking. A site user using the booking or reservation request form provides his or her first and last name, email address and phone number. The user can also provide his / her gender, which is used by the site solely for addressing the user. By sending the booking or reservation request, the user agrees that the information provided will be processed and stored on the site and used by us for feedback or providing the hotelier with data for reservation purposes. A user signs up into the site in order to place accommodation facilities for the purpose of advertising and receiving reservations or booking requests, or to track his or her own reservations or queries. The user signs up into the site with an email address and password. Registration is only possible after the user has explicitly placed a mark in a check-box of agreement with these rules. By doing so, the user declares that he or she has become familiar with and accepts the terms of this document for the services provided by the site and the processing of his or her personal data. At the specified email address, the site sends a profile activation link, which opens a page from the site with a form for entering the user data. The user specifies whether the account created is for a company or is for an individual. In the former case it is assumed that the email address is the address of the respective enterprise. The user's first and last name, country, district, populated place, address, postal code and telephone number must be entered. If the user is a hotelier, the company details are entered. In case you are a hotelier, you can enter information about a bank account where you would like the tourists to transfer the due amounts for the bookings they made. Optionally, each registered user can enter his / her gender, father's name (mandatory for hoteliers), a second phone number, spoken language information, and preferred one for correspondence. Gender information is used by the site solely to address the user. If you are under the age of 16, you may register and / or provide your personal information only with the express consent of your parents or guardians who should inform us. BookingAround can not be held responsible for the correctness of the data provided by the user and their relationship to the subject. User's personal data is stored by the site as long as it is needed to provide user services. Any user may, in writing, via the site contact form or by email, request the termination of the use of his or her personal data from the site or their complete deletion. In the event that user data is not subject to reservations or inquiries for such, user data is marked as inactive and its usage discontinued. The data is stored by the site for 1 (one) year before being completely deleted, which is done to resolve any disputes that may arise.

4.1.3. Protection of personal data Your data is stored on BookingAround servers located in Bulgaria. Access to the servers have only authorized persons. All your communication with the site, including the transfer of your personal data, is protected by an encrypted connection. BookingAround encrypts all data when they are uploaded to or downloaded from the site, which protects them against unauthorized access.

4.2. Cookies

Using the site, you perform certain actions, such as selecting language, currency, make reservations and more. BookingAround remembers some of these actions by means of so-called "cookies" – small files, which are stored by your browser on your computer. BookingAround creates and uses these cookies only to facilitate the use of the site by you, protecting you from performing repeatedly repetitive actions. Cookies are stored on your computer for 2 (two) years, and you can delete them at any time with the functionality of your internet or file browser. BookingAround does not store personal data in cookies.

4.3. Тechnical information

The site may store information about your web browser and device, contacting us. It can be used only by BookingAround - to improve the design and quality of services, but also to detect and prevent unauthorized access.

5. Other

This document is accessible from all devices having access to the Internet, and is available in all languages in which the site operates. In case of discrepancy between the different translations, Bulgarian version is considered original and any disputes arising shall be resolved against it.

This document was last edited on 27 December 2022 at 17:00 UTC.